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DessertNovellas's podcast

Aug 1, 2021

Getting a personal tour from the owner of this exclusive men's department store is a thing of beauty. Getting your clock cleaned takes on a new meaning. Walking behind the scenes as the owner revisits an encounter from his past. Such events could crush mere mortals, but this store allows its workers to walk on the wild...

May 8, 2021

Bob was a young man who put his life on hold to help out his parents. He gets his just rewards while he stole looks from a woman of his fantasy. He had a lightening type of desire for this woman. He was asked to do a favor on this night, as the stranger that lives in him was about to make his debut for the evening...

Feb 6, 2021

Imagine turning around, opening your eyes, and the man that you thought that you flirted with at a company meeting is standing before you. Crazy thoughts and encounters show up for this woman who only wanted to board the Loves/Sleep Train.